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We are a trademark law firm that is managed by Miami trademark lawyers. Our trademark attorneys help national and international clients register and protect their trademarks. Our Miami trademark attorneys believe in providing our clients with sound legal advice with regards to their trademark. Our lawyers conduct trademark searches prior to applying for marks and advise our trademark clients when they should not proceed with their brands or logos.

Our trademark attorneys are versed in corporate law and can help your company grow and safeguard your intellectual property. We advise you to have anyone involved with your intellectual property to sign non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

Our Florida trademark lawyers also provide the following services: draft trademark, copyright, patent, licensing, manufacturing and sales, distribution, and non-compete agreements; enforce and defend infringement matters; enforce and defend internet domain matters; contractual negotiations; import and export matters; and many other related business and entertainment law matters.

Our licensed Florida attorneys provide our patent or trademark clients with meticulous, ethical, and dedicated legal representation. The Firm provides each client with detailed billing that clearly identifies the type and duration of work performed for the client. The Firm promptly returns calls and provides clients with regular updates as well as the consideration and individual attention they deserve.

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Trademark Registration: Our trademark attorneys suggest that you file a trademark application if you are trying to protect the brand name and/or logo used on your goods and services that you offer to the public. Let our trademark attorneys help you.

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Litigation Lawyers: Let our trademark infringement and unfair competition attorneys help you protect your trademarks. In the USA, your company does not have to have a trademark registered federally to file an infringement lawsuit.

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Madrid Protocol: Our trademark lawyers trademark can assist your company file an international trademark application under the Madrid Protocol. The Madrid Protocol is a filing treaty and not a substantive harmonization treaty.