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Juliet Alcoba, a Florida trademark attorney, can assist your company file an international trademark application under the Madrid Protocol. The Madrid Protocol is a filing treaty and not a substantive harmonization treaty. It will provide your company a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure protection for your marks in multiple countries through the filing of one application with the USPTO, in English, while paying only one fee in U.S. Dollars.

Our trademark attorney will eliminate the need of hiring a local agents or attorneys to file the application in foreign countries. Note, our trademark attorney can assist you obtain an International Registration, yet each country has the right to determine if your mark is protectable. The advantage of filing a Madrid Protocol Trademark Application is that if a foreign trademark office grants protection of your mark in its own country, then your mark will be protected in that foreign country in the same manner as if that foreign trademark office had registered the mark.

After your mark is allowed, the Madrid Protocol will also simplify your subsequent management of your mark, since a simple, single procedural step will serve you to record subsequent changes in ownership or in the name or address of the holder of the mark with the World Intellectual Property Organization’s International Bureau. The International Bureau administers the Madrid System and coordinates the transmittal of requests for protection, renewals and other relevant documentation to all members.

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