Counterfeit And Online Infringement

Our Trademark and Anti-Counterfeiting attorneys in Colorado and Florida will help prevent and stop the importation of counterfeit and pirated goods. Quick and immediate action is necessary when you discover that counterfeit goods are entering the United States. Recourse is available in the Courts and by notifying Customs and Borders, along with law enforcement. Fake versions of your popular product line can be stopped from entering the country by taking active steps to record your trademark and copyrights with customs and borders. If you manufacture and distribute certain goods, such as cosmetics, personal protective equipment, luxury jewelry, and computer or tech-related products, registering your copyrights and trademarks with Customs and Borders is an absolute necessity. 

If you are aware that counterfeit and pirated products have already penetrated interstate commerce, our trademark attorneys will be able to help you combat counterfeiting and piracy. If you have been accused of selling and distributing counterfeit and pirated products, our attorneys can also help you defend or negotiate a settlement agreement.

If someone has published your products and images and advertised them as their own on their website, please feel free to contact our team of experienced Trademark and Anti-Counterfeiting attorneys in Florida so that we can discuss how to proceed against the infringer and website owner. 

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