International Trademark And Madrid Protocol Filing Services

The Madrid Protocol gives trademark owners the ability to apply for a trademark in up to 124 countries.  The Madrid Protocol has identified certain member countries. Each country has different government filing fees. If you have an active US federal trademark application or registration, you are able to apply the trademark under the Madrid Protocol and designate member countries you are seeking to protect and register your trademark in.  If you manufacture or have products manufactured by another under private label in another country, you should seek to file and protect your trademark in that respective country. If the country of manufacture is not a Madrid Protocol contracting Member country, you should seek to register your country on the national level in the non-member country. Alcoba Law Group is able to protect your trademark in individual countries or multi-nationally through various treaties and conventions.

Should you require assistance developing your intellectual property portfolio and protecting your trademarks world wide, please contact our team of experienced trademark attorneys.

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