Trademark Assignments

It is imperative that you document and record ownership of a trademark once you acquire or transfer title to the trademark. Trademark assignments are prepared for all kinds of trademarks: federal, state, and or common law trademarks. A typical situation that arises which will require a trademark assignment is when there is a sale of a business and the business sold products and or services.  If the trademark used with the products and or services is registered, it is imperative that once the trademark assignment is prepared and executed it is formally recorded with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If a trademark is not sold but the owner of the trademark has adopted a different name, it is still  necessary to prepare and record an assignment with the USPTO Trademark Recordation Branch because the trademark owner has adopted and amended a different name. Recording is possible by filing a Recordation Cover Sheet along with a copy of the actual assignment or proof of name change. Alcoba Law Group trademark attorneys can assist with the preparation and recordation of your trademark assignments.

To ensure you have prepared and recorded a valid trademark assignment, please contact our team of experienced trademark attorneys.  

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