Trademark Licensing And Acquisition Services

Trademark Licensing agreements define the scope of use permitted by a third party of your trademark. A trademark licensing agreement is between a trademark owner and another individual or company interested in having rights to use the trademark owner’s trademark.  The trademark owner is known as the licensor. The person or company obtaining rights to use the trademark is known as the licensee. The licensor will establish certain rules and conditions that must be followed by the licensee. For a fee, the licensee is granted permission to use the trademark owner’s trademark.  The licensing agreement can be exclusive or non-exclusive and is usually for a set period of time.  Licensing agreements are contracts and the parties to the licensing agreement are free to negotiate. A trademark owner must be wary of naked licensing. To ensure that a trademark is being licensed properly and is not vulnerable to attack by third parties, Alcoba Law Group’s trademark attorneys help trademark owners review and draft licensing agreements that protect their best interests.  Should you have any questions about Trademark Licensing And Acquisition Services, please contact our team of experienced trademark attorneys.

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