Trademark Maintenance And Renewal Filings

Once a trademark is registered, the trademark owner is required to show continued use of a trademark to maintain exclusive rights to use the applied for and registered trademark. There are limited circumstances that exist that permit a trademark owner to maintain and renew a trademark registration when there has been a period of consecutive non-use. Excusable non-use is fact specific.  It is imperative that trademark owners maintain the accuracy and integrity of the trademark register by submitting proof of products and services that are still being offered by the registered trademark owner. The maintenance and renewal deadlines are calculated from the registration date of the trademark. The first maintenance and renewal deadline is between the 5th and 6th year from the registration date. The second maintenance and renewal deadline is between the 9th and 10th year from the registration. Each subsequent maintenance and renewal period will be every 10 years after that 9th and 10th year renewal. Having an up to date email address on file with the USPTO and your attorneys is imperative to ensure you as trademark owner are informed and timely meet your maintenance and renewal deadlines.  Alcoba Law Group’s experienced trademark attorneys  can help you maintain and renew your trademarks.

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