Trademark Office Actions

Our trademark attorneys respond to trademark office actions. We have helped many clients persuade the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that their application should be permitted to register after their receipt of seemingly impossible to overcome office actions. We also advise clients to abandon rejected marks because some office actions cannot be overcome.

Most trademark office actions issue because the applicant has applied for a mark that does not merit registration or is presently being used or is already registered by a third party. Some of the most commonly issued office actions allege the following grounds of refusal: improper classification of goods or services, improper mark description, improper specimen, the mark is merely descriptive, likelihood of confusion, failure to obtain the consent of an individual named in the mark, and failure of the applied for mark to function as a trademark. These office actions typically issue 3-5 (three to five) months after the application is filed with the USPTO.

If you fail to respond to these minor and or substantive issues you risk delaying the eventual registration of your application and worst case scenario, the abandonment of your trademark application. It is imperative should you take steps to respond to a trademark office action, that your response is complete. Our experienced trademark attorneys are pragmatic and can help you evaluate your chances of obtaining a trademark registration. If you receive a trademark office action, we suggest you contact our trademark lawyers so that we can help you weigh the pros and cons of responding or alternatively abandoning the filed trademark application. 

To inquire how best to proceed, please contact our team of experienced trademark attorneys.

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