Trademark Portfolio Management

If you have an extensive product and or service line, you will likely require trademark portfolio management services. Each trademark applied for and ultimately registered likely has a different trademark registration date. This registration date determines the maintenance and renewal deadlines of each trademark. Failure to meet these deadlines could result in the inadvertent cancellation of your trademark.  To ensure your portfolio remains active and up to date, Alcoba Law Group offers clients an annual review of their portfolio. This annual review identifies the upcoming deadlines if any and identifies whether the individual or company has a need to apply and register additional trademarks. Some Industries that regularly require portfolio management are the food and beverage industry, oil and fuel, and health and beauty industry. This is not an exhaustive list of relevant industries that require trademark portfolio management. 

Alcoba Law Group’s experienced trademark attorneys can help manage your trademark portfolio. To ensure your portfolio is protected, please contact our team of experienced trademark attorneys.

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