Trademark Registration Lawyers

Our trademark registration lawyers suggest that you file a trademark application if you are trying to protect the brand that you place on the goods that you offer to the public. Our trademark registration attorneys believe that the first thing you should do when protecting a trademark is to select a brand that is protectable and that can be registered.

Ms. Alcoba, a trademark registration attorney, states “Not every mark or brand is legally protectable, Some proposed marks may not be able to function as a trademark nor will they be able to help you assert a legal claim to stop others from using a similar mark on related goods.”

We often see clients that are new to the trademark registration process choose marks for their products that are difficult or impossible to register or protect.

Before filing a trademark or service mark application, our trademark registration attorneys help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the mark you wish to register by performing a trademark search.

For more information about selecting a protectable trademark, please watch the animated video titled “Basic Facts: Selecting a Mark,” the video is provided by the United State Patent and Trademark Office.

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